What Happens - Motif Building Designers
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What Happens

When You Contact Us

When you first contact us we will ask questions about your proposed project, in order to gain a brief understanding of your requirements, and provide you with an estimate of the drafting fees for your project.


Our Fees

Our fees vary depending on the individual circumstances and complexity of each job. When you contact us we will provide you with a quote for your consideration, based on your requirements. Fees are usually payable in instalments as the job progresses.


Stage 1 – Consultation & Site Measure

So you are happy and wish to proceed with us. The next step is to make an appointment to meet and discuss in further detail your requirements, offering advice and suggestions where appropriate.


For extensions we will meet you on site, as measurements will need to be taken of the existing dwelling. A site measure and consultation can take up to 3 hours, so please be mindful of this when arranging a suitable time. Morning appointments Mon – Sat are preferred for site measures.


We will require at this meeting our “Terms of Engagement”  to be signed before proceeding. This is a basic contract outlining the scope of work, the drafting fees, terms of payment, our obligations, and your obligations.


Stage 2 – Plan Preparation

From the information gathered at our meeting and site measure (if applicable), preliminary plans consisting of a site plan, basic floor plan, & elevations will be prepared for your review. Any changes are encouraged at this time. Once the preliminary plans have been reviewed and refined, the working drawings are completed, including any final changes you require to be made to the preliminary drawings. The completed construction drawings are then ready for certification, referral to engineers if req’d, and for builders to use for quoting & construction. Plans are provided in PDF format.